Voices 2: Exclusive Clear Vinyl LP w/ Etched D-Side


Release date: 9 April, 2021

Voices 2, the second part of Max Richter’s VOICES on vinyl. Including two, 180g clear discs in a die-cut gatefold, with an excerpt of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights etched into the D-side. This vinyl includes a digital download of Voices 2.

Described by Richter as “a place to think”, VOICES was a response to our tempestuous political climate and the enduring need for compassion. VOICES 2 develops this principle, continuing and intensifying the “place to think” concept. While the first part of the project focuses on the text of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights and its uplifting vision – opening with the 1949 recording of Eleanor Roosevelt reading the Declaration, and including excerpts read by a global community of 70 voices – VOICES 2 opens up a meditative musical space to consider those ideas raised by the first record.

“One of the things that was really striking, when we premiered the music, was that even though everyone knows of the Declaration, not many people have actually read it or spent time with it,” says Richter. “The overwhelming comment we had from the audience was ‘it’s amazing to hear that text’. If people can have time to experience that text, and then in the second part of the record really spend time thinking about it, that for me is a perfect outcome.”

Vinyl LP