SLEEP: Tranquility Base (Exclusive Coloured Vinyl + Slipmat + signed Art-Card)


Release date: 27 October, 2023

This bundle contains:

  • SLEEP: Tranquility Base (Exclusive Yellow Vinyl)
  • SLEEP: Tranquility Base Signed Artprint
  • SLEEP: Tranquility Base Slipmat

Exclusive yellow LP plus artcard signed by Max Richter and vinyl slipmat.

Max Richter presents SLEEP: Tranquility Base, a thirty-minute EP of new SLEEP music alongside remixes from electronic musician Kelly Lee Owens and German sound artist Alva Noto.

Richter returns to his celebrated eight-hour magnum opus SLEEP with this new EP which offers a glimpse into the original material from an electronic perspective. “Tranquility Base” is the site on the Moon where, in July 1969, humans landed and walked on a celestial body other than Earth for the first time. With this in mind, the EP functions as a vessel that disconnects and travels through the body of work, allowing art to provide something which resembles peace within ourselves.

Tranquility Base – Pt. 1

Tranquility Base – Pt. 2
Alva Noto Remodel Edit
Kelly Lee Owens Remix